The Batanes island group is a protected area halfway between mainland Luzon and Taiwan. Famed for its pristine land and seascape, a scenic drive thru its national road boasts of unparalleled views of rolling hills, towering cliffs and secluded beaches. 

batanes view deck
The Chawa view deck in Mahatao, Batanes leads you to wave cut rocks below

The traditional Ivatan house, with its limestone walls, wood and cogon grass roof, is designed to adapt to extreme conditions of a region dominated by unpredictable weather. 

The Fundacion Pacita Hotel was once the home studio of internationally acclaimed visual artist Pacita Abad. Rooms are inspired by the Ivatan design aesthetic.
What a view! At Chamantad TiƱan, Sabtang, Batanes
Nakabuang Arch, Sabtang, Batanes
Sweet potato fries wrapped in local ‘kamansi’ leaf