Breathtaking Batanes!

The Batanes island group is a protected area halfway between mainland Luzon and Taiwan. Famed for its pristine land and seascape, a scenic drive thru its national road boasts of unparalleled views of rolling hills, towering cliffs and secluded beaches.

Japan Home Favorites (Part 1)

I have an Achilles heel for shoes (see what I did there?). During my last trip to Japan Home Centre, I was so happy to find an affordable shoe storage solution.

That Negrense Style (Part 2)

In the land of chicken inasal, MassKara festival, sugar barons and hacienderos, Silay is famed for its impressive collection of heritage buildings. From ancestral houses, houses turned museums to its various repurposed architecture, walking around Silay feels like...

That Negrense Style (Part 1)

Chicken inasal, MassKara festival, sugar barons and hacienderos come to mind at the mention of Bacolod. Lending a new meaning to Carrie Underwood’s hit, ‘Jesus, Take the Wheel,’ the Chapel of Cartwheels is nothing short of memorable. Exterior of the Chapel of...



"A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor,
mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist" - Buckminster Fuller

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