Spaces that are put together help us get it together. Our homes, workplaces and environments we frequent are extensions of ourselves and our energy fields. We influence these settings with our personalities, while design elements like colors, light, configuration, proportions, acoustics, materials, among others, influence our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Our choices, including what we surround ourselves with, how we treat ourselves, and what we allow into our lives, mirror what’s going on inside our minds. When we change our habits, we also need to adjust our immediate environments to support our goals. It’s easier to engage with a new lifestyle, and live our best lives, inside spaces that have been intentionally designed to suit that purpose


With a multidisciplinary approach, Sophia’s projects span interiors, furniture, graphic design and
holistic interior design

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• Interior Design

Creating functional and beautiful spaces through art and science

• E-Design Session

Inspiration and design know-how shared through online platforms. Click here to book first session for free or click here to view options

• Consultancy

Stellar advice in interior design, holistic interior design

• Holistic Interior Design

Interior design with tools that support mind, body and soul. Click here to learn more


Articles on design, art, lifestyle
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“I just moved into my first apartment and I wasn’t sure what to do. Sophia’s advice on my floor plan layout and furniture pieces gave me the information and confidence I needed to make the right decision for myself and my home!”

-C. Del Moro from Florence Italy, with 37 trips around the sun

“Sophia was a complete joy to work with in the two interior fit out projects she completed for me. She delivered inspired living and working spaces that reflect my passions and adapt well to my lifestyle.”

-A. Sy from Makati Philippines, with 49 trips around the sun

“Sophia’s guidance on my renovation, layout and wall feature helped me understand what I should do and prioritize.”

-S. Locatelli from Paris France, with 37 trips around the sun

“I wanted my space to balance function, resources, design and Feng Shui. Sophia considered all of this and was very supportive of the revisions I requested. Her design direction and flexibility helped me realize what I imagined for my space!”

-G. Lopez from Cebu Philippines, with 38 trips around the sun

“Sophia completed a full renovation for me and my family. Her unique approach to design, efficient use of space and custom multiuse storage units gave us a functional and beautiful home.”

-L. Cajucom from Pasig Philippines, with 43 trips around the sun

”I needed window treatments that would match my existing space and there were so many varieties, it was confusing! Sophia quickly helped me find the right product, complementary colors and made sure the installation went smoothly.”

-R. Tng from Makati Philippines, with 43 trips around the sun

”Sophia gave me ideas on what do with the foyer, living area and master’s bedroom. She also gave me tips on decluttering and balancing the energy of my home.”

-M. Guevara from Geneva Switzerland, with 37 trips around the sun

”Sophia is a creative, passionate and inventive designer with multiple talents. We sought her out to collaborate on a project that’s very close to our hearts and was tremendously pleased with her work.”

-B. Aquino from Manila Philippines, with 36 trips around the sun

“I like how consultation with Sophia is just like exchanging ideas and tips with a very knowledgeable friend. She also helped me stick to my project’s timeline with her thoughtful reminders”

-Z.Pascua from Las Piñas Philippines, with 35 trips around the sun

“The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It’s about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilised, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what’s in or what’s out. This is not an easy job “



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